I offer a range of assessments including:

Career Assessments

I use a holistic, integrated approach to career assessment. Whilst I use a variety of assessment tools, I find the most valuable information comes from an in-depth interview with the person. I combine all my data together to get a complete picture of the person which will assist them in choosing the best fit for their personality and strengths. The assessment consists of 1-2 in-depth interviews, followed by an assessment session, a report and finally 1-2 feedback and exploration sessions. The whole process is run over a period of 2 weeks with the report and feedback sessions being ready in the 3rd week. Please email me for prices as they vary dependent on age and need.

“Getting to know yourself” Assessments

At some stages in life it is natural to feel lost and unsure about yourself. It is a period that invites you to seek and explore all the layers of yourself. I offer specific in-depth assessments which are aimed at self-discovery and insight. Theses assessments in include the Rorschach Inkblot test and other projective techniques which by-pass the conscious mind and access the unknown parts of yourself. The process involves 1-2 sessions on in-depth intervieiwng, 1-2 sessions of testing and 1-2 sessions of feedback and exploration of the results. You will be provided with a full report. You can give this report to your therapist to work through each layer of information. Please email me for a quote.

Neuropsychological Assessments

These assessments are aimed at anyone who has experienced damage in the brain through accidents or disease. The assessments give you an idea of where your current level of cognitive functioning lies. The tests are sensitive to brain damage and are able to detect changes on cognition as a result of injury to the brain.

Personal Injury Assessments

These assessments are used by the courts to determine the psychological impact of an incident on a person’t level of functioning. It can be used diagnostically to determine psychological impairments as a result of an injury.

Child Assessments for Parenting Plans

These assessments are used to hear the voice of the child in the drafting of a parenting plan which is a legal requirement in the drafting process. The assessment focuses on the child’s needs and their best interest. A full report will be provided together with a feedback session to both parents and mediator.