Individual Psychotherapy

My approach to individual psychotherapy is to explore the person’s world on all levels. This extends from the innermost layers of the self to the outer layers of the person’s world of relationships and the contexts in which these relationships take place.

I integrate an in-depth approach with a relational approach in individual psychotherapy, which sews together a person’s past and present. Through this process a golden thread is formed which enables the person to live unrestrained by the past and authentically in the present.

Exploring your past can be useful in understanding why you experience discomfort in the present. Yalom explains that:

“The ‘because’ offers one a sense of mastery”

Irvin Yalom

This means that when a person understands why they feel and behave the way they do in the present, their confusion and ambivalence towards themselves settle. To name something and to locate its origins gives a person a sense of control and normalizes how they experience themselves and their relationships. Gaining perspective in individual therapy and understanding yourself and your relationships is what triggers change and healing.

People are  shaped by their experiences which impacts the way a person relates to himself/herself in the present and contributes significantly to how they relate to others. As a result of past experiences, people often find themselves stuck in ineffective patterns of relating which leaves the person feeling hurt, isolated or with a mistrust of relationships.

I work with each person by going with them on a journey of self-discovery which is done through in-depth exploration using a plethora of psychotherapeutic tools.  All my psychotherapy tools are aimed at facilitating perspective, insight, growth and change.

Individual psychotherapy is like taking a ride up in a hot air balloon and gaining perspective and insight. Perspective is essential for change as it allow a person to get some space from their problems, whilst at the same time seeing their life from a different viewpoint. Once a person comes back down from their hot air balloon ride, they can begin to make the changes they need with a clear and wise mind.

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